The Copper Chef XL Casserole 5 Pc Set & Induction Cooktop could be a really smart solution for your smart little kitchen. It has the capability for the cook and serves roast, soup, pasta, Escalades or anything you want to cook. The cooking pot that comes with the set is very appealing to use as a serving piece. Also, the lid, strainer bakes, and steamer insert make the cookware set more versatile. Also, the induction cooker is perfect for making your cooking more easily. The burner has a different cooking setting ad digital display to show all the heat and time.

Copper Chef xl Casserole Review

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Some important features of Copper Chef XL Casserole 5 Pc Set & Induction Cooktop:

Here we are going to discuss some important and useful features of the Copper Chef XL Casserole 5 Pc Set & Induction Cooktop Review. Have a look below.

All in all kitchenware:

The Copper Chef offers you 05 piece of cookware set that could beatable to any other 10-12 piece of cookware set. With other cookware sets you need a saucepan, fry pan, sauté pan baking pot, and so on. But this one has an all in all family size cooking for do all these stuff. Yes, now you can cook and serve and a significant portion of the meal without the hassle of another serving dish. It’s good for preparing food for single to multiple people. This 11 inches cooking pots has a seven-quarter capacity which is suitable for serving food for 4/5 person.

Except for the cooking pot, it also comes with strainer basket which also suitable for deep fry, a steamer insert, induction cooktop and lid for the top. If you want full set of individual pots the check the Rachael Ray hard anodized cookware set review.

High capacity induction cooker:

This cookware set also has an induction cooker for fast cooking. It consists of cooking presets and digital display. It shows the presence of maintaining temperature and the cooking time. The induction top is good for spread the heat evenly in the pot, not work like hot spot cooktop type. However, the surface is thin and like fragile a bit but it’s ok with your fully loaded pot. Furthermore, it’s 200% larger than your bottom of the pan.

Easy to clean:

copper chef xl casseroleThe cooking pot, frying basket, and steamer are good for using regular dishwashing soap and sponge. The pot is not nonstick so no wonder it will stick foods sometime. But usually, it’s easy to clean off.

If your technique burned any food on the post than soak is for a while and scrubbed it with a sponge, he burning residue will quickly come out. But don’t use any harsh sponge or brush to clean it. The copper pot is safe to clean with copper cleaner. You can see our other easy to clean and useful cooking pots like Gotham steel 10 piece set.


  • Perfect for using multiple foods in one dish like frying, sauté, roasting, baking, or cooking rice.
  • Comes with 11 inches large casserole pan.
  • Includes a steel induction plate for even heating.
  • Induction cooking top with distal display timer and five preset cooking settings.
  • Comes with two color option for the induction cooker- back and original copper.


  • The dimension of the post is really useful- one pot for cooking and serving.
  • Good for providing even heat while cooking.
  • Five different pre-settings are preparing for fast and smart cooking.
  • Sturdy glass lid fits tights on the pot and good for seeing the food condition while cooking.
  • The frying basket is also large enough for pouring much quantity of food to fry.


  • It needs a copper cleaner to clean every time.
  • The handle of the fry basket is a bit thin.
  • The induction cooktop doesn’t keep constant heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Question: What is the watts on the stove top?

Answer: The Watts of the stove is 1300.

Question: In what temperature I should boil pasta in this cooker?

Answer: For boiling pasta, you could set the temperature in 290 F.

Question: Does the cooktop indicate the temperature when it’s hot?

Answer: No, it just shows as a set.

Final Verdict:

In modern time we need multiple types of tools or equipment that can take place for many of other devices. That is why Copper Chef brings a fantastic cookware set that can serve as all the essential cooking pots with the same performance. Plus it has high capacity induction burners, fryer basket and steamers to make food preparation more easer. Overall it’s an easy to use and durable to use for a long time without any complications. So, if you have little pace in the kitchen or want to have something smart and sustainable for cooking on RV’s this Copper Chef XL Casserole 5 Pc Set & Induction Cooktop will be perfect for you.

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